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Overview of the 4 departments

Computer science department (D-IR)

The Computer Science Research Department is made up of 7 teams covering a wide range of areas. It carries out fundamental and applied research in computer science, including next generation internet and networks, the internet of things, computer graphics and geometry, specifications and proofs in geometry, image processing, high-performance scientific computing, compilation, cloud computing, translational bioinformatics, data mining, knowledge engineering, stochastic optimization and complex systems, machine learning, modeling and simulation.

Department head : Caroline ESSERT

Imaging, robotics, remote sensing and biomedical department (D-IRTS)

The research staff in this department carry out fundamental and applied research in the following areas of information technologies and science: signal and image acquisition and processing, computer vision, control theory, robotics, remote sensing, neurosciences and biophysics. Through its 4 research teams, the department is notably involved in developing new technologies for healthcare (clinical and preclinical medical imaging and robotics), as well as astronomy and observation of the Earth.

Department head : Edouard LAROCHE

Solid-state electronics, systems and photonics department (D-ESSP)

The research performed by the 3 research teams of the department covers a wide range of areas, including the physics and technology of elementary devices, the development of photonic and electronic instrumentation systems and innovative processes. The department contributes to the development of knowledge in fields with a high societal impact, such as information technologies (nano-electronic and photonic devices), renewable energies (photovoltaic cells) and medical instruments (integrated instrumentation systems).

Department head : Wilfried UHRING

Department of mechanics (D-M)

This department comprises 4 research teams. Its research and transfer activities include "fluid mechanics (hydraulics, rheology and turbulence), reactive transfers with applications in waste water treatment, biomechanics and the relationship between medical imaging and mechanical properties, the mechanics of multiscale materials and the evolution of their microstructure, civil engineering and its applications in geothermal energy and eco-design.

Department head : Yannick HOARAU

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