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Seminar: Heart Valve Modeling and Therapy

17 febbraio 2014
Strasbourg - IRCAD - Amphi Lindbergh

Razvan IONASEC will present his research the Monday, February 17th, 2014 at the amphitheater "Lindbergh", IRCAD.

Title: Heart Valve Modeling and Therapy

Abstract: As decisions cardiology increasingly rely on non-invasive methods, fast and precise imaging analysis tools have become crucial components of the clinical workflow. This is especially relevant when dealing with complex cardiovascular disorders such as valvular heart disease. This talk focuses on two aspects: 1) patient-specific biomechanical modeling and automated parameter estimation and 2) pre-operative and intra-operative image fusion systems

Short Bio: Razvan Ionasec is a Sr. Product Manager with Siemens Healthcare Computed Tomography, responsible for the cardiovascular and therapy software portfolio. He received his PhD in Medical Imaging from the Technical University Munich and worked as a Research Scientist and R&D Project Manager with Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, New Jersey. His scientific contributions are in the fields of cardiac imaging and modeling, image-guided surgery, and image fusion. He holds several US patents and has coauthored more than 50 peer reviewed publications in the medical image analysis field, including best papers at MICCAI.

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