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Séminaire : ITI IRMIA : Modelling the first billion years after the Big Bang : numerical challenges

24 novembre 2022
Salle de conférence de l'IRMA / bbb

The next seminar of our Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (ITI) IRMIA++ will be held this Thursday November 24 at 09:00 am, both in the IRMA conference room and on BBB.

The talk will be given by: Pierre OCVIRK (ObAS).

BBB link: https://bbb.unistra.fr/b/hum-51d-suf-mzq

Title: Modelling the first billion years after the Big Bang: numerical challenges.

Abstract: A large observational effort is currently underway to better probe and understand the first billion years of the Universe, an epoch from which we know very little, because of the enormous distances involved, making its observation very difficult. The new observational means involve giant radio telescopes on the ground, as well as new facilities in space (e.g., the JWST), focusing on the intergalactic medium and forming galaxies, respectively, to give us a new, complementary view of the early universe. To prepare and interpret these upcoming data, numerical simulations of the early Universe are required, involving a wide range of physics and requiring a variety of numerical approaches. I will showcase the recent works of our group in this field, including the largest simulation of the Epoch of Reionization ever made, Cosmic Dawn III (https://coda-simulation.github.io/), performed on Summit at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, the challenges it presented, and some of the challenges ahead.

About the speaker: Pierre OCVIRK is astronome adjoint at Observatoire de Strasbourg and member of the CDS (Centre de Données de Strasbourg). His research focuses on the modelling of the epoch of reionization using giant simulations, and galaxy formation with an emphasis on hydro-radiative processes.


Next seminar: December 8th, 2022 at 09:00 am : Margherita Sandon (IRMA)

Alex Oancea (IRMA), Nicolas Magaud (ICube) & Benoit Famaey (ObAS)

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