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Thèse : Silvère Ségaud : Multispectral Optical Imaging in Real-Time for Surgery

6 aprile 2022

I am pleased to invite you to my upcoming PhD defense titled ''Multispectral Optical Imaging in Real-Time for Surgery''.


The presentation will be given in english, and will take place both physically and online.

You will find bellow all the pratical information, as well as a short abstract.


Time / Place:


Wedsnesday, 6th of April at 1:00p.m.


Amphitheater Léon Hirsch,

IRCAD France,

1 place de l'hôpital

67000 Strasbourg


You may also join the presentation online via the following link



Supervisor:       Prof Sylvain Gioux, Intuitive Surgical SARL

Co-Supervisor: Prof Sylvain Lecler, INSA Strasbourg

Reviewer:         Prof Walter Blondel, CRAN, Université de Lorraine

Reviewer:         Prof Éric Vibert, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Centre Hépato-Biliaire

Examiner:         Dr.   Alexander Vahrmeijer, Leiden University Medical Center

Examiner:         Dr.   Michele Diana, IRCAD France




Despite the massive deployment of imaging technologies in the operating rooms, the ability of surgeons to distinguish healthy from diseased tissues remains limited to the assessment of tissues status based on subjective inputs. The lack of tools for intraoperative tissue status assessment has been the main source of motivation for this doctoral project. To address this need, a clinically-compatible imaging platform has been developed for oxygenation and fluorescence imaging in real-time. The capability of the platform to detect and quantify ischemia has been demonstrated through preclinical trials, by comparison with standard of care methods. A field of application is blood perfusion assessment for reconstructive procedures in the context of colorectal cancer surgery. The multimodal nature of the developed imaging device has been exploited by combining endogenous imaging of optical properties with exogenous fluorescence imaging, in the context of oncologic surgery using targeted agents. A fluorescence quantification technique was thus validated in preclinical trials.

Keywords: Image-guided surgery, Oxygenation imaging, Fluorescence imaging, Clinical translation, Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging, Diffuse Optical imaging


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