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4ème Seminaire ITI IRMIA : Geometric test for topological phases of quantum matter

28 aprile 2022

The fourth seminar of our Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (ITI) IRMIA++ will be held this Thursday April 28 at 9am, both in the IRMA conference room and on BBB.

The talk will be given by: Semyon Klevtsov (IRMA).

Title: Geometric test for topological phases of quantum matter
BBB link: https://bbb.unistra.fr/b/hum-51d-suf-mzq

Abstract: Strongly-correlated quantum systems are often extremely fragile and notoriously hard to control, which poses challenges for possible technological applications. That is why a certain subclass of quantum states, the so-called topological phases of matter, recently attracted much attention. These are characterised by a certain degree of stability and robustness under perturbations, rooted in their special mathematical properties. Apriori, it is not always clear whether a given quantum state of matter is topological or not. We propose a mathematical criterion, which we call “the geometric test", to tell whether a state of matter is in a topological phase. We then apply our test to strongly-interacting states of matter in Quantum Hall effect, observed in certain 2d materials (Gallium-arsenide, graphene, ...) at low temperatures and in strong magnetic fields. I will explain the idea of the test (which works pretty well) and the results, based on recent work with Dimitri Zvonkine (CNRS, Versailles Mathematics Laboratory, Paris-Saclay University, France).

About the speaker: Semyon Klevtsov obtained his PhD in 2009 at Rutgers University (USA), working on mathematical aspects of string theory. After a post-doctoral stays in Brussels and Cologne, he joined the Institute for Advanced Mathematical Research (IRMA) at the University of Strasbourg, as professor of mathematical physics. His most recent research is focused on mathematical aspects of the strongly correlated electron systems in condensed matter physics.

Next seminar: Thursday May 28 at 9am : Jonathan Sarton (ICube)

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