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Thesis: Large scale micropollutant fate and distribution in constructed wetland ecosystem

17 settembre 2020
IBMP - amphi Leon Hirth (Strasbourg)

Thesis defense: Loïc MAURER

Title: Large scale micropollutant fate and distribution in constructed wetland ecosystem

Team: MécaFlu (ICube) / Plant Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IBMP)

Abstract: Constructed wetland are popular systems used to treat wastewater in rural areas in France. But these systems are facing to the micropollutants issues. This study aims to understand the micropollutants distribution in the wetland ecosystems. Therefore, micropollutants, lipids and plants large scale screening were performed in the wetland ecosystem, as well as in the different sludge layers from the constructed wetland. Nevertheless, the spatial distribution should also be investigated inside the organisms to understand the bioprocesses. The storage and degradation mechanisms to deal with micropollutants has been unveiled using mass spectrometry imaging. Nonetheless, water remains the key vector of micropollutants in the organisms or in the environment. The water distribution should in this way be investigated to explore the micropollutants distribution. Therefore, hydraulics numerical modelling was combined with micropollutants large scale screening to investigate their distribution.

This thesis was supervised by Pr. WANKO NGNIEN Adrien Professeur, (ICube - ENGEES) and Dr. HEINTZ Dimitri Ingénieur de recherche - HDR, (IBMP). Dr. PINEAU Charles Directeur de recherche, (BIOSIT / Université de Rennes 1) and Pr. GARCIA Joan Professeur, (GEMMA / Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona Tech) are the reviewers. The examiners of the jury are Pr. HOLLENDER Juliane Professeure, (EAWAG) and Pr. BERNIER François Professeur, (IBMP). M. VENANDET Nicolas Chargé d’études, Assainissement - Eau et Nature en Ville, Agence de l’Eau Rhin Meuse is the invited member.

Keywords: LC-HRMS/MS, MSI, wetland, sludge, micropollutants, CFD, large-scale screening, ecosystems

The defense will be held in English, on Thursday 17 September 2020 at 2:00 pm in the Leon Hirth amphitheater at IBMP (Institut de biologie moléculaire des plantes - Strasbourg).

As the number of seats in the amphitheater is limited due to compliance with the rules related to COVID-19, please send an email directly to Loïc Maurer (to be found in the laboratory directory) if you would like to attend the defense.
For those, who would like to attend the defense in videoconference, please send an email to Loïc Maurer to receive the login details.

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