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Seminar: My Journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

27 settembre 2018
Strasbourg - IRCAD - amphi "L. Hirsch"

Javen Qinfeng Shi will present his research Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at 10am in the
amphitheater "L. Hirsch", IRCAD (1 place de l'hôpital, Strasbourg).

Title: My Journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Abstract: I will share my journey of AI. I will cover core machine learning techniques such as probabilistic graphical models, deep learning and beyond. I will also share our experience with clients in various domains ranging from computer vision, water utility, health, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), automated trades etc.

Bio: Associate Prof. Javen Qinfeng Shi is the director and founder of Probabilistic Graphical Model (PGM) Group in The University of Adelaide. PGM group does high end AI research and solves real problems in business.  PGM group is developing efficient algorithms and systems that can evolve and learn from massive amounts of data in almost any domain, and be capable of reasoning and decision making with super-human performance. These systems are very effective at modelling complex relationships between variables. These might be the relationships between symptoms and diseases, or the relationships between a set of sensor inputs and the state of the system being modelled, or the
relationships between cellular metabolic reactions and the genes that encode them, or the relationships between users in a social network about whom we wish to draw inferences.

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