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Thèse : Beam Shaping of Incoherent White Light with Faceted Structure

29 maggio 2018
Illkirch - Pôle API - A301

PhD defense: Lihong LIU

Team: IPP

Title: Beam Shaping of Incoherent White Light with Faceted Structure

Abstract: Beam shaping of incoherent white light with a large spectrum is proposed in this PhD thesis. The objective was to realize an arbitrary irradiance map on a target plan with a faceted structure. To maintain the design result within the geometrical optics domain, a large facet element dimensions are required to obtain usable results. Each facet element can slightly tilt along its own axes to deflect the incident light, either by reflection, either by transmission. The calculation of the tilt angles has been made by an analytical approach, and also by automatic optimization with Zemax. Several quality factors have been proposed in order to qualify the illumination/irradiance chart on the screen. Because of the required tolerances on the fabrication technique, it has been shown that it was more interesting to design a transmissive structure than a reflective one.
With a new additive technology, a structure could be realized successfully, showing the interest of the concept.

The jury is composed of : Prof. Kevin Heggarty, Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique (Rapporteur), Prof. Germano Montemezzani, Université de Lorraine - Centrale Supéléc Metz (Rapporteur), Dr. Manuel Flury, Directeur de thèse, Laboratoire ICube, Dr. Thierry Engel, Co-encadrant, Laboratoire ICube.

The public defense of the PhD thesis, in english, will take place on Tuesday May 29th, 2018, at 2:00pm in the amphitheater A301 at Pole API, campus Illkirch, Telecom Physique Strasbourg.

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