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HDR : Emergent Industrial Ecosystems

12 dicembre 2017
ECAM Strasbourg-Europe - amphi

Habilitation defense : Pierre PARREND

Title : Emergent Industrial Ecosystems

Team : CSTB

Abstract : Complex Systems Science opens new insights to understand, model and control emergent phenomena in artificial ecosystems such as industrial manufacturing, medical platforms or educational applications. The interactions between individual agents in such systems exhibit characteristic properties of complexity, which make them hard to understand and to pilot.
To address this challenge, we define the Artificial Immune Ecosystem (AIE) which supports the 4P (participative, predictive, preventive and personalised) properties of Complex Systems. The AIE is built of : 1) A secure and resilient storage layer for managing data over fragile infrastructures; 2) An algorithmic layer for providing original solutions to difficult problems such as the identification of advanced persistent threats; 3) A supervision layer for runtime analysis and offline investigation; 4) A management layer for handling emergent decision related to both technical and human aspects of organisations.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday 12th december at 9.30am in the amphitheater of the ECAM Strasbourg-Europe School (2, Rue de Madrid, 67300 Schiltigheim).

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