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Séminaire : Cerebral Cortex Parcellation Using Quantitative MRI

11 luglio 2017
Illkirch - Pôle API - C218

Mariem BOUHAHA de l'équipe MIV fera une présentation des travaux effectués lors de son stage, mardi 11 Juillet 2017, à 14h00 en C218, à Télécom physique Strasbourg (Illkirch).

Titre : Cerebral Cortex Parcellation Using Quantitative MRI

Résumé : Understanding the amazingly complex human cerebral cortex requires a parcellation mapping its major subdivisions, called cortical areas. Most previous parcellations were based on only one neurobiological property (such as architecture, function, connectivity or topography). However, it would be interesting to quantitatively characterize cortical areas, delineate their borders and document their properties. The first aim behind this work is to make accurate areal maps using multiparametric (or quantitative) MR Imaging. The second objective is to reproduce the submitted parcellation across individual subjects and accurately predict their cortical parcellations based on their individual MRI intensities. In this seminar, I will start with a description of the MRI data in hand and the main preprocessing steps used. The second part will be dedicated to the clustering approach where I will present the algorithms used to make the parcellation. Finally, I will demonstrate some results achieved so far.

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