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PhD : "Optimal Design and Visual Servoing of a Suspended Aerial Manipulator"

November 23, 2023
Amphithéâtre A301, Pôle API

PhD defence : Miguel Arpa Perozo

Team: RDH

Date & time : Thurdsay 23rd november, 9 a.m, Amphithéâtre A301, Pôle API

Title : "Optimal Design and Visual Servoing of a Suspended Aerial

Abstract : An Aerial Manipulator with Elastic Suspension (AMES) is a novel type of robot developed in our team to have a simple, dexterous, low-cost, and accurate robot with a large workspace. Previous work focused on the control of AMES robots. The aim of this thesis is to develop ways of
simplifying an AMES with the minimum of compromises. A mechanical optimization algorithm is proposed. The optimization results are used to build a new prototype, experimental results highlight the improvements with respect to a previous suboptimal prototype. Furthermore, the minimal set of sensors required to control an AMES is explored through two applications. First, a method for autonomous tiling relying solely on image-based visual servoing is proposed and validated in simulation. Second, the teleoperation of an AMES using a handheld camera equipped
with an IMU is studied. The proposed teleoperation framework is validated experimentally by teleoperating an AMES prototype.

The jury will be composed of:

  • M. Gouttefarde, Rapporteur Directeur de recherche, Université Montpellier
  • M. Allibert, Rapporteur, Maître de conférence HDR, Univsersité Cote d'Azur
  • M. Chaumette, Examinateur, Directeur de recherche, INRIA Rennes
  • Mme Bara, Examinatrice, Professeur, Université de Strasbourg
  • M. Cuvillon, Encadrant, Maître de conférence, Université de Strasbourg
  • M. Gangloff, Directeur de thèse, Professeur, Université de Strasbourg

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