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ICube   >   Agenda : ICube-MSII seminar : What xurography can offer to micro/nanofluidics ?

ICube-MSII seminar : What xurography can offer to micro/nanofluidics ?

Le 7 juin 2018
À 14h00
Illkirch - Pôle API - A301

Louis Renaud (Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon), will give a talk in French, thursday 7th june 2018 at 2:00 PM in room A301 of the pole API building in Illkirch.

Title: What xurography can offer to micro/nanofluidics ?
Abstract: Micro/nanofluidics, wich is a scientific topic our team worked for over 17 years, is dedicated to flow inside channels from nanoscales to microscales. This presentation is specifically about relationship between micro/nanofluidics and the xurography technic, wich consist in cutting sheets of adhesive layers. To begin this talk, a introduction to micro/nanofluidics and a detailled presentation of xurography will be firstly given. In a third part, few examples of applications will be presented, for example : optimization of a 2D/3D microfluidic biofuel cell, etching of geological materials, measurement of water pollution.

Xurography for 3D Microfluidic Biofuel Cell

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