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Creation of the Machine Learning, Modeling and Simulation team (MLMS)

Jan 26 2021

A 17th research team of the laboratory, "Machine Learning, Modeling and Simulation (MLMS)" is launching! MLMS brings together computer scientists, mathematicians, bio-mechanics, neuroscientists to develop functional, physical, and geometric models around a transverse axis "Assistance to medical interventions by computer". MLMS hosts the INRIA MIMESIS team as a sub-team.

The team's three main research themes are:

  • Data-driven modeling that focuses on all aspects of modeling in neuroscience, geometry, biomechanics, interaction, behavior, shape and movement of humans.
  • Our models are implemented in the form of physical simulations which are intended in particular to be real-time.
  • Using optimization & learning techniques, we leverage real world data to make our models and simulations more personalized and predictive.

The team is composed of seven permanent researchers / professors, one postdoc, three engineers and six PhD students. The team’s flagship projects are:

  • ANR PRC Human4D: Acquisition, Analysis and Synthesis of the Shape of the Human Body in Motion
  • ANR JCJC Sperry Supervised robotic surgery - Application to radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors
  • Exploratory action INRIA A/D Drugs : Treatment of schizophrenia via transcranial neurostimulation by electric current or magnetic fields
  • Innovation Chair BoPA : Development of digital technologies to "augment" the surgeon through sight, speech and touch
Images MLMS© Équipe MLMS, laboratoire ICube

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