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J.-M. Dischler (équipe IGG) a été nommé Fellow de l'association Eurographics en 2015

May 27 2015

Le professeur J.-M. Dischler, membre de l'équipe IGG, a été nommé Fellow de l'association Eurographics en 2015. Après Sabine Coquillart (1999), Marie-Paule Cani (2005), Francois
Sillion (2005) et George Drettakis (2007), il s'agit du 5ème chercheur en informatique graphique actif en France nommé Fellow de l'association pour récompenser ses contributions tant à l'association qu'à la recherche en informatique géométrique et graphique.
Le texte de nomination publié sur le site d'Eurographics:

Jean-Michel Dischler holds the position of full Professor of Computer Science at Strasbourg University. After his PhD in Strasbourg in 1996, he moved to Limoges University where he became Assistant Professor. He moved back to Strasbourg on a Professor position in 2001, lead the department of Computer Science at the Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science from 2002 to 2005, was vice-director of the LSIIT Lab until 2008 and responsible for the master degree in Image and Computing (IICI) until 2009. He is currently joint-director of the 3D Computer Graphics Group, IGG, in the ICUBE lab (20 people), where he is leading the rendering and visualization research activities. His main research interest include 3D model and texture acquisition,
synthesis and rendering, high performance multi-GPU graphics and shading, as well as direct volume rendering of voxel-data. He has made significant contributions in all of these areas with several impressive results in the last few years, with more than 6 CGF, TVGC (IEEE Visualisation) or TOG papers (Siggraph Asia) since 2010.

Jean-Michel is extremely active in his service to the community:
1. He served on a regular basis in a number of program committees since 2001: Rendering techniques, EG –including the role of ‘topic chair’ in 2003, GRAPP, EG Parallel Graphics and Visualization, EG Symposium on natural phenomena, and Eurovis.
2. He was vice president of the French chapter of Eurographics until 2005, and is in the EXC.
3. He has been chairing the EG professional board since 2009.
4. He served as associate editor of Computer Graphics Forum from 2011 to 2014.
5. Lastly, he was general chair of EG’2014, for which he dedicated an enormous amount of energy, resulting into a great experience for participants and a financial success (more than 400 people and the main conference and three co-located events).

Jean-Michel Dischler was elected as a Fellow of the Association in recognition of:
1. His contribution to the fields of computer graphics, rendering and visualization.
2. His contributions to the Association, notably as chair of the professional board for a number of years, and as general chair of EG’2014.

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