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Thesis: Modélisation de givrage multi-couche dans le solveur NSMB

January 31, 2020
Strasbourg - Nouveau Patio - amphi Beretz

PhD defense: Ali AL-KEBSI

Title: Multi-step icing modelling in the NSMB solver

Team: MécaFlu

Abstract: Aircraft ice accretion is modelled through a Level-Set (LS) framework. Current two-dimensional and 3D icing models do not reply to current needs. The level-set framework permits a fully multi-step ice accretion simulation. The solid boundary is treated implicitly by a penalization method or an immersed boundary method (IBM)-LS. Wherein, the solid body is defined through a characteristic level-set function. Consequently, the air flow can be computed by the penalized RANS-equations with turbulent wall functions. And accordingly, droplet transport is computed by an IBM-LS Eulerian approach, in which droplets are allowed to impinge on a layer of cells defined by the LS function using an IBM formulation.

This thesis was directed : Pr Hoarau Yannick (Université de Strasbourg - supervisor), Pr Mosé Robert (Université de Strasbourg - Cosupervisor), Dr Beaugendre Heloïse (Université de Bordeaux - Rapporteur), Pr Righi Marcello (Zhaw School of Engineering - Rapporteur), Pr Helluy Philippe (Université de Strasbourg - Examinateur), Pineau Jean-Philippe (Flight Avionics-Engineering & Development, Thales - Examinateur).

Keywords: Airplane Icing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Level-Set method, Immersed Boundary Method IBM, Turbulent Wall Function.

The defense will be held in English on friday 31 january at 13:30 (01:30 pm) at the Nouveau patio - Amphithéatre Alain Beretz, 20a rue René Descartes in Strasbourg.

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