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Thesis: Influence of master-slave architectures in the IoT

May 21, 2019
Illkirch - Pôle API - A301

PhD defense: Philippe PITTOLI

Title:  Influence of master-slave architectures in the IoT

Team: Networks

Abstract : The Internet of things is a network design where "things" are connected to the Internet, such as thermometers or lights.
These objects are constrained in memory, computational capacity and communication (packet size, shared medium).
My work is focused on issues around those constraints.
A client willing to send a request to an object may either establish a direct connection to the object (end-to-end architecture) or establish a connection to the network gateway, which is not constrained in memory or computation capabilities, and will be used as a broker between clients and objects (master-slave architecture).
My work is to understand and to spotlight the differences between those two kinds of architectures and to determine their viability in an IoT context.

The PhD defense take place on tuesday 21th Mai at 2:00pm in the A301 amphitheater of the Pole API in Illkirch (300 boulevard Sebastien Brant).

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