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Thesis: Mastering the haptic quality of products

March 15, 2019
Annecy-le-Vieux - Laboratoire SYMME

PhD defense : Bruno ALBERT

Title: Mastering the haptic quality of products - Formalizing haptic quality control and proposing an implementation methodology

Team: SDC

Abstract: The haptic inspection of a product, which is the quality control of a product that dynamically uses the sense of touch, raises many problems in today's industry. To judge in a repeatable and reproducible way the quality obtained when touching a product requires expertise that is sometimes difficult to acquire and capitalize on. The way a haptic sensation is described and the way the product is controlled generally have a significant impact on the result of the control. To help manufacturers achieve better control of the haptic inspection of their products, we propose a methodology to help them specify the expected haptic quality and the control protocols to be used.  This methodology, implemented in the INSENSO software tool, is based on a knowledge base that links the elementary sensations we have identified to the associated knowledge required to perform the inspection. Applied in a watchmaking company for the haptic inspection of watch bracelets, this solution has led to a significant improvement in the results of this inspection. The solutions developed for the haptic inspection of products open many perspectives in the more general field of sensory inspection, especially regarding its instrumentation.

The jury is composed of Davy MONTICOLO, Maître de Conférences ERPI, Université de Lorraine UNIVERSITÉ DE LORRAINE - ENSGSI (Rapporteur), Améziane AOUSSAT, Professeur LCPI, ENSAM Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (Rapporteur), Claudia FRYDMAN, Professeur LSIS - Université Aix-Marseille (Examinateur), Maurice PILLET, Professeur SYMME, Université Savoie Mont blanc Laboratoire SYMME (Directeur de these),  Cecilia ZANNI-MERK, Professeur LITIS, Insa de Rouen (CoDirecteur de these), Jean-Luc MAIRE, Maître de Conférences SYMME, Université Savoie Mont blanc Laboratoire SYMME (Encadrant), François DE BERTRAND DE BEUVRON, Maître de Conférences ICube, Insa de Strasbourg (CoEncadrant de these) et Julien CHARRIER,Ingénieur Société INEVA (Examinateur).

The defense take place on friday 15th March at 10:00am in the SYMME Lab at Annecy-le-Vieux.

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