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Thesis: 3D modeling of built heritage: from geometric models to HBIM

December 17, 2018
INSA Strasbourg - amphi de Dietrich

PhD defense: Xiucheng YANG

Title: 3D modeling of built heritage: from geometric models to HBIM

Team: TRIO

Abstract: Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) is a major issue in heritage documentation and conservation. Both the original BIM and as-built BIM concepts have been widely applied on the built heritage documentation and form generic HBIM modelling outlines. The obtained HBIM model provides a parametric and semantic description of the heritage elements. This thesis presents methods for the generation of HBIM models from point clouds (obtained by photogrammetry or laser scanning), surface mesh and solid geometry. A concept of solid/mesh-to-HBIM is proposed using Autodesk Dynamo visual programming, which transfers the parametric “Family” and geometric structures to parametric and semantic HBIM models. The parametric HBIM modelling process involves conventional manual parametric “Family” creation and semi-automated building reconstruction by Dynamo. The HBIM semantic modeling process directly transforms segmented mesh or solid geometries into the BIM environment. The segmented elements can be stored and managed in this environment with attributes information and relationships established among the elements.

The jury is composed of : Mr Andreas Georgopoulos, professor, NTUA Athens, Greece (reviewer)
Mr Pierre Drap, researcher CNRS HDR, Marseille (reviewer), Mrs Monica Siroux, professor, INSA Strasbourg, Mr Deni Suwardhi, associate professor, ITB-Bandung, Indonesia, Mr Mathieu Koehl, associate professeur, INSA Strasbourg (Co-supervisor) and Mr Pierre Grussenmeyer, professor, INSA Strasbourg (PhD supervisor).

The thesis defense, in English, take place on Monday, December 17 at 10:00 am, in the De Dietrich amphitheater in INSA Strasbourg (24 Boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg - Tram C-F-E « Université »).

Keywords: HBIM, point cloud, built heritage, semantic, parametric, Dynamo.

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