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Investments for the future

The State-funded Investissements d’Avenir’s call for projects proved to be highly successful for the laboratory.

Investissements d'avenir ICube ....

  • … houses Robotex and FIT, 2 platforms of excellence (part of the Equipex research grant program), dedicated to medical robotics and the internet of things respectively. ICube is also a partner of Equip@Meso, an Equipex on scientific computing;

  • … is member of 3 laboratories of excellence (Labex) - IRMIA, CAMI and G-Eau-Thermie – in theoretical computer science, medical robotics and geothermal energy respectively;

  • … is the main scientific partner of the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) in minimally invasive image guided surgery and also belongs to 2 Institutes of Excellence for carbon-free energies (IEED) in the field of solar energy (PVF and INES2).

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