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Séminaire : Virtual Human Driver - Digital Human Body Model for Riding Comfort Simulation

Le 18 octobre 2016
À 14h00
Illkirch - Pôle API - A207

Hyung Yun Choi (PhD Standford en 1991), Professeur au département de mécanique et système de la conception à l'Université d'Hongik, donnera un séminaire mardi 18 octobre à 14h dans l'amphithéâtre A207.

Titre:  Virtual Human Driver -- Digital Human Body Model for Riding Comfort Simulation

Résumé: We present our ambitious R&D study, which aims to develop an advanced digital human body model to simulate active response of human vehicle driver such as voluntary and reflexive actions for maintaining upright driving posture against vibratory and lateral G forces respectively coming from road surface roughness and vehicle turning. It will be a progressive feature to the existing human body model at Pam-Seat which is already cable of predicting human driver’s responses in occupant-seat interactions but rather restricted to passive mode, e.g., seating pressure distributions and transfer functions. The “virtual driver” project has been carried out in two main phases, i.e., first, experiments with test subjects to identify and quantify driver’s active response which is then followed by modeling and implementation of numerical active muscles into the digital human body model in Pam-Seat. This presentation will mainly focus on the experimental findings but also include some preliminary result from recent feasibility study on active joint model which would be a key hurdle to a successful development of the virtual driver model.

Bio: Prof. Hyung Yun Choi has served as the Supervisor of the Digital Human Laboratory at Hongik University since 1991. His research focuses on the human body modeling for the virtual simulation of crash safety and riding comfort. He has extensive research collaborations with domestic and global automotive industries. He is the principal investigator for the Global Human Body Models Consortium / Conversion Center of Excellence. Prof. Choi is a vice president of Korea Auto-vehicle Safety Association and served as a council member of Korean government committees, KNCAP and Recall.

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