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Séminar : Bayesian Fusion of Multiple Images - Beyond Pansharpening

Le 23 juin 2016
À 14h00
Illkirch - Pôle API - C218

Jean-Yves TOURNERET of the IRIT laboratory (Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research) will give a talk thursday 23th june 2016 at 2.00pm in room C218 of the pole API building in Illkirch.

Title : Bayesian Fusion of Multiple Images - Beyond Pansharpening

Team : MIV

Abstract : This presentation will discuss new methods for fusing high spectral resolution images (such as hyperspectral images) and high spatial resolution images (such as panchromatic images) in order to provide images with improved spectral and spatial resolutions. These methods are based on Bayesian estimators exploiting prior information about the target image to be recovered, constructed by interpolation or by using dictionary learning techniques. Different implementations based on MCMC methods, optimization strategies or on the resolution of Sylvester equations will be explored.

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